Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Home Energy Efficiency is Tops! What You Need to Know

A recent study commissioned by the Wisconsin Builder’s Association ranks energy efficiency as one of the top three requirements in a Wisconsin home. Nearly 60% of respondents indicate overall energy efficiency as a non-negotiable in a home.

One of the most effective ways to make your home more energy efficient is through air sealing and insulating.  Insulation and air sealing target the building envelope or “shell” – the outer-most layer of your home’s building materials. By sealing and insulating the building envelope, conditioned air will stay inside your home to maintain a comfortable inside temperature and minimize energy loss.

It’s common for homeowners to first think about windows and doors when considering ways to make their home more energy efficient. While upgrading windows and doors can increase comfort slightly, you probably won’t see a return on your investment in your energy bills. This is because a home loses 70% of energy through the attic and roof – far more than is lost through windows or doors. You’ll see a much bigger savings on your energy bills through attic air sealing and upgrading insulation – and for a much lower investment.

Click here to learn more about our three-step process for upgrading your attic’s efficiency.

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