Thursday, December 8, 2016

Insulation: A True American Industry

When you choose fiberglass insulation for your new home or to upgrade the attic of your existing home, you are supporting the U.S. economy and U.S. jobs from production to installation and beyond. The chain of events that create, distribute and install fiberglass insulation is, with rare exception, a 100% U.S. process. Let’s walk through the life cycle of fiberglass insulation and how it is truly an American industry:

  • Glass comes from U.S. recycling facilities and sources
    • The raw materials used to make fiberglass insulation comes from recycled glass and glass made from scratch. The raw materials to make glass (sand, limestone, etc) are mined from the U.S.
  • Materials are transported by U.S. trucks or rails
    • When the materials are ready for manufacturing, they are transported by truck or rail by U.S. workers.
  • Manufactured in U.S. facilities
    • Fiberglass insulation is manufactured and packaged in U.S. manufacturing facilities.
  • Distributed by U.S. companies
    • After manufacturing and packaging, the finished product is transported by truck or rail by U.S. workers to distribution points. 
  • Sold in U.S. retail stores
    • Fiberglass insulation is sold at various points throughout the country at distributors, retail stores and through insulation contractors by U.S. workers. 
  • Installed in U.S. residential and commercial buildings
    • Fiberglass insulation is installed in U.S. residential and commercial buildings
  • Saves energy for the U.S. population
    • The energy saving benefits of fiberglass insulation helps keep U.S. residents comfortable and helps save U.S. energy.
Let’s not forget about one more important point! Unlike other energy efficient tools such as appliances, light bulbs, etc., fiberglass insulation, once installed, never uses energy. It saves energy 24/7 and saves more energy in a year than the energy it took to make it – and continues to do so each and every year it is in the building.

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