Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Upgrading Insulation: The Importance of Chimney Barriers

There are many steps that are part of re-insulating an existing attic. One of these steps is properly insulating around a chimney.

Did you know that installing a chimney barrier between a brick and block chimney and attic insulation is required by building codes? Whether a home’s chimney is for exhaust and venting, or if it includes a fireplace chimney, installing a chimney barrier is part of any retrofit insulation job.

We install Chimney Shield barriers. These barriers are made from 26 gauge sheet metal and creates an effective barrier between a chimney and loose fill insulation.
This is installed in conjunction with high-temp caulk sealant and spray foam to safely seal the pressure boundary around the chimney without creating a fire hazard.

When reviewing your attic for an insulation upgrade, our estimators will check your existing chimney barrier in the event it needs to be upgraded before adding additional insulation.

For more information about Chimney Shield contact our office - we hare happy to help!.

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