Thursday, July 16, 2015

Should it stay or should it go: When to remove your insulation

One question we regularly hear is “do I need to remove my old insulation and put in new insulation?"

Insulation does not need to be removed as a routine energy efficiency measure. When installing new insulation our crews will work around the existing insulation during the air sealing & ventilation process and then add a new layer of insulation.

There are times insulation does need to be removed, specifically when it has been damaged. Examples can include smoke resulting from a fire, excess water resulting from a roof leak or disturbed areas caused by an intrusion of pests and/or rodents. If your attic has vermiculite, it will likely need to be removed prior to selling the house. It can remain in place if it isn’t disturbed (vermiculite removal must be by a licensed professional authorized to handle asbestos).

Insulation removal requires the same attention to detail as adding new insulation to an existing home. It is important that all insulation is removed completely and that the old insulation does not escape into the home during the removal process.
When doing insulation removal, our team uses equipment designed to contain the damaged insulation. This equipment collects the old insulation into a holding container outside your home. This helps insure the damaged insulation does not infiltrate the home and your living space.

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