Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Get a Picture of Your Home’s Energy Loss: Infrared Imaging

Have you ever wondered what your home’s energy loss “looks” like? Wish you could get a visual image of your home and see its biggest energy leaks? Infrared imaging can help.

Infrared imaging, also known as thermography testing or thermal imaging, visually identifies areas of air leakage and cold spots in a home’s walls or ceilings.

An infrared image is captured with an infrared camera or on infrared video. After the image is captured, our energy assessment team analyzes the results and makes recommendations to minimize the heat loss and reduce energy bills.

Energy is commonly lost through key areas:

Access doors. This image shows how much heat can be heat (in the summer) or cold air in the winter can be lost through an access door that is not insulated.

Window frames. This picture shows how a good window can be very uncomfortable due to poor insulation or air sealing of the trim. The window itself is very good, the air leakage is coming from a very thin opening behind the trim.

Ceiling light penetrations. This picture shows a very small light attached to the ceiling, yet through infrared imaging, it is possible to see how much air leakage is actually happening at such a tiny connection.

Our energy assessment team performs infrared scans during all assessments. Contact our office to learn more and schedule an energy assessment.

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