Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Funds Available for Vermiculite Removal and Re-Insulation!

We are happy to share this news with homeowners! Funds area available for vermiculite removal and re-insulation. Rockweiler Insulation does not do vermiculite removal and, should you have this need, we are happy to recommend a company who can assist.

W.R. Grace, the parent company that marketed, sold and distributed asbestos containing vermiculite for over 50 years, has recently settled a court case and begun funding the Zonolite Attic Insulation Trust. This is a $60m trust from which eligible claimants will be reimbursed for their legitimate ZAI Property Damage Claims ("ZAI PD").

Here are the details:
  • The Trust provides a reimbursement contribution of 55% of the abatement cost for eligible claimants up to a ceiling of 55% of a $7,500 removal bill (this comes to $4,125). 
    • E.g. if you spent $7,500 removing and replacing the insulation, you are potentially eligible for the maximum reimbursement of $4,125. If you spent $3,000 for abatement and re-insulation, you are potentially eligible for reimbursement of $1,650 (55% of $3,000). 
    • This reimbursement includes both removal and re-insulation of the home.
  • If ZAI was installed in a structure which you own or rent, or have owned or rented, and you incurred expense removing, abating (to include re-insulation cost) or containing the ZAI, you are entitled to submit a claim.
  • The Trust applies to both residential and commercial buildings.  Both residential and commercial buildings are subject to the same criteria when filing a claim and providing proof of ZAI, proof of abatement and expenditures.  

To qualify for these funds:
  • Authentic copies of canceled checks, credit card statements, or bank statements must be provided. Cash payments will be subject to a higher level of scrutiny. 
  • If these items are not available, you may order a $25 sample kit which would be returned to the trust and tested in a laboratory for the presence of barium, a signature constituent mineral for the asbestos containing vermiculite. They request you send 6 ounces, but the test can be performed with as little as one ounce. 
  • If your home has already had removal done, there is a good chance a crevice somewhere in the home still contains a sample for use and you can still file a claim.

There is no time limit on these funds. For more information, visit www.zaitrust.com or www.zonoliteatticinsulation.com.

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