Monday, May 18, 2015

Three steps to preventing ice dams

When a home experiences ice dams, it’s often assumed the issue is inadequate insulation. Ice dams may be caused by heat loss in an attic, a poor roof design or because of the “perfect storm” of snow, melting, and more snow.  Preventing ice dams is a three-pronged attack consisting of air sealing, ventilation and insulation.
  • Air sealing prevents airflow between a home and the attic, stopping ice melt and preventing icing. 
  • Ventilating properly facilitate air intake into the attic space, allowing the entire attic system to work properly, preventing moisture build up and allowing the insulation to properly do its job.
  • Insulating is the final step in making an attic more efficient. 

We work to help prevent ice dams, not remove them.  If you get one, for your own safety be sure to have a professional remove it.

To learn more about ice dams, watch the video below.

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