Friday, November 15, 2013

Five Ways an Energy Assessment Saves

Energy efficiency is important. And an energy assessment (also known as an energy audit) is the best way to determine the areas where a homeowner can get the biggest bang for their energy buck.

You may be thinking, “why should I invest in an energy assessment? It’s going to cost money and my energy bills may not change.”  Rest assured, there is a significant return on investment when it comes to investing in your home’s energy efficiency. And it isn’t just a financial return.

Here are five ways an energy assessment saves:

  1. Assessments save energy (of course!). During an assessment, diagnostic testing is performed that precisely determines where your home is leaking energy. This allows you to take measures towards a more energy-efficient house.  By using less energy, you are doing your part to save the environment by reducing pollution and greenhouse gases.
  2. Assessments save money.  Addressing the issues uncovered during an energy assessment will result in reduced energy consumption. Reducing energy consumption reduces utility bills. And that means money in your pocket.
  3. Assessments can save your life. Combustion safety testing (part of an assessment) may detect existing or potential hazards in your home. These can include a potential gas build up or other hazards that can harm you and your family. Having this information allows a homeowner to take action.
  4. Assessments decrease stress, increase comfort. After energy improvements are made, homeowners often feel the difference in their indoor environment. Often homes feel more comfortable and are a more pleasant place to be.  Indoor air quality issues may be improved as well.  Finally, you have the peace of mind that your home has been thoroughly looked over and tested by a BPI-Certified professional.
  5. Assessments increase resale value and marketability.  Today’s home buyers are increasingly interested in a home’s operating expenses.  Often an official energy assessment (along with evidence of improvements made based on the recommendations in that assessment) will assure a potential homebuyer that the operating expenses are affordable.

Have further questions about an energy assessment? Interested in scheduling an assessment for your home? Contact us for help.


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