Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The time is now!

Living in Wisconsin, it’s commonly thought that insulation should be installed in the fall and winter. Why? Because this is when homeowners hear their furnaces run for the first time since last winter, begin to feel the pinch of high energy bills, and notice cold areas in their homes.

Waiting for winter may not be the best choice. By the time those high energy bills hit, your energy-saving window has already started to close.

Consider upgrading your insulation when:

  • You notice your furnace or central air running often. Your home uses energy all year during heating AND cooling seasons – waiting to upgrade your insulation delays your energy savings.
  • You are remodeling, re-siding or re-roofing. What better time to get into those hidden areas of your home! When your home is open, an installer can both add insulation more easily as well as perform additional energy saving services like air sealing. The more access an installer has to the space that is to be insulated, the more efficient the work can be.

Don’t wait until fall or winter to start saving money on your energy bills and have a more comfortable home. Do it now.  One last reason not to wait – schedules fill up quickly during peak seasons, so don’t get caught having to wait for a contractor to address your insulation needs.  Choosing a non-peak time for service will get your project completed a little quicker so you can start saving money and energy!!


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