Friday, July 5, 2013

Why Experience Matters. Hiring a professional contractor.

With today’s tighter budgets, “DIY” (or do-it-yourself) seems to be the latest craze.  There is even a DIY Network that shows you how to do many home improvement projects yourself.  While you may be tempted to add “insulating your house” to your DIY list, there are some important things to consider before you tackle this project yourself.

Installing insulation is more than just adding insulation to your attic by rolling out batts or blowing in fiberglass. Proper installation techniques and knowledge of building science are required so your home not only saves money on energy, but also functions at its highest level.

Why is an expert’s help important? We are hoping to save you from additional problems down the road.
  • Air leakage and energy loss
  • Improper installation around lighting
  • Higher infiltration of outside noise
A professional insulation contractor understands the importance of looking at how your attic insulation relates to your entire home.  We can focus on the comfort, health, safety, durability & energy efficiency of your home.

Some things to look for when hiring an insulation contractor:
  • Ensure they are trained and certified in building science. This means their team understands how energy and air flows through a house. Ask specifically if their team members are BPI Certified.
  • Properly insured. Ask about the insurance they carry. In the unlikely event there is a problem or accident on site, you want it to be on their dime, not yours.
  • Customer testimonials. As for testimonials from their customers and check their ratings online (e.g. Angie’s List, Google). Their commitment to customer satisfaction – even when there is a problem – can reveal how they will be to work with.

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