Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Feel like venting? Start with your house.

Today’s homes are designed to be tight – to save energy and reduce drafts. There are incredible benefits - a more comfortable living or work space and reduced heating and cooling bills. But this tightness can also produce indoor air quality issues such as excess moisture or even odors hanging around for an extended period of time.

What does this mean for you? It should mean controlled, mechanical ventilation is part of your vocabulary.

When it comes to moisture control: are you aware the average family produces three to five gallons of water vapor each day through cooking, cleaning and respiration?  Moisture control is critical to the long-term health of a home. Condensation from warm air in the home can degrade drywall, trusses and walls.

Why not try to control moisture at the source (ie bathrooms & kitchens)?  Here are some tips to increase your home’s indoor air quality through the use of controlled, mechanical ventilation:
  1. Start with the right bath fan – one that is quiet and one that is sized appropriately for the room.  You may want a contractor’s assistance for determining what the correct size is for your situation.
  2. Install a timer or smart switch on your bath fan.  This can be programmed to automatically run.
  3. Make sure your bath fan is venting to the outside of the home, not directly into the attic.
Have questions? Contact us for more information about venting.

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